Life Settlement

Medicaid Life Settlement

A Medicaid Life Settlement converts your existing life insurance into an immediate plan to pay for the cost of assisted living care directly each month. Qualifying is quick, and there are no fees or obligations to have your life insurance policy valued and apply. If accepted, you choose the type of assisted living care that is best for you: Assisted Living, specialized Alzheimer’s Care and Skilled Nursing Home Care all qualify.

State of the Union- Life Settlements

State of the Union – Life Settlements
The life settlement market is constantly changing. The lack of overall capital in the market this past year has left many agents and policyholders wondering if the market will survive, but the actual state of the market is much better than what is perceived. There are a number of funding sources in the market currently hungry for policies to purchase. There is a lack of purchasable policies available and the policies that are available are getting very good offers compared to the recent past history.

First Life Settlement Patient Consumer Education Video produced by Amrita Financial

I had the honor to work Robin on her case that I believe will have a tremendous impact on the life settlement community. Consumer Education is not where it needs to be. We made this video to inform and educate consumers and advisors that an additional exit strategy exist for life insurance owners. As part of that process we formally released the video and announced it with a press release. A copy of the press release is below.

ORLANDO, FL (May 28, 2013) - First Life Settlement Patient Consumer Education Video produced by Amrita Financial

What Are Life Insurance Policy Put Options?

A Policy Put Option, ("PPO") allows a life insurance policy owner to purchase the option or right to sell their life insurance policy at a predetermined price, on a predetermined date.

Life settlements and Life Expectancy Certificates

A life settlement seems pretty straightforward to the outsider looking in. Someone has a life insurance policy they want to sell and a financial institution wants to buy it. A price is agreed upon, the transaction is completed and the sale is made. Easy enough, right?


Life Settlement Minimum Qualifications

The life settlement providers (policy buyers) we work with have set some general minimum qualifications for the policies they will consider. Although, meeting these criteria is not a guarantee that a policy can be sold, these will only determine if a life settlement provider (buyer) will consider a policy for purchase in a life settlement. For an instant life insurance policy appraisal please use our life settlement calculator. The minimum life settlement qualifications are:


Cash Out Life Insurance

Cash out life insurance, cashing in life insurance policy or cash in life insurance are all terms commonly used to describe life settlements due to the large sums of money that are available for unwanted policies. However, people who cash life insurance in for an immediate payment should be aware that there are some noteworthy considerations. When someone tries to cash out life insurance in a life settlement, it is very important to remember each situation is different.


Life Settlement Process

The life settlement process is straight forward but takes time to do correctly. Amrita Financial's online life settlement system spells out each step of the process while ensuring you have total control and access to all important information. The life insurance settlement process follows the steps outlined below:

  1. Appraise: Use our online life settlement appraisal tool to get an instant estimate of your life insurance policy's value in a life settlement and potential demand from buyers.

    Estimated time for completion = 30 seconds
  2. Create an account and list a policy: Register online to set up an Amrita Financial account. Once registered you can list a life insurance policy to sell.

    Estimated time for completion = 2-3 minutes

Calculate Life Insurance Policy Value

Life Insurance Policy Value – Often More Than You Think


Life Settlements

A life settlement, or life insurance settlement, is the term used by life settlement companies to describe the money received when an individual sells their existing life insurance policy. Selling a life insurance policy is a quick and easy way to obtain cash that can be used to pay for medical bills and other expenses.