Amrita Life Settlement Index

ALSI Results for February 2012: 1005.3 54.3 (5.7%)

The February 2012, Amrita Life Settlement Index results were reported on Tuesday March 6th, 2012 at 10:00 AM EST. The February results inched up 54.3 points or 5.7% to 1005.3. The index continues its range-bound trend over the last 6 months. Read more

Best Life Settlement Industry Barometer

The Amrita Life Settlement Index (ALSI) is the single best barometer of the life settlement industry. The life settlement index provides valuable information that can be used to track life settlement trends and buying activity.

Amrita Life Settlement Index Summary

The Amrita Life Settlement Index is the first index based on a month over month relative comparison devoted to tracking the life settlement industry. Unlike other life settlement indices that track life settlement company financial performance or groups of insureds, the Amrita Life Settlement Index is designed to measure the overall growth or contraction of the life settlement industry itself. It answers the simple question, what is the life settlement industry doing? The Amrita Life Settlement Index tracks the current demand for life insurance policies as life settlements by tracking buying activity among licensed life settlement providers. They in aggregate are representative of the market demand going up, down or staying the same as the previous month. Consequently, month over month comparisons show a clear picture of the life settlement market's trend. The goal of the Amrita Life Settlement Index is to provide a free resource that allows any interested party to obtain unbiased, unfiltered data about the current life settlement market posture and demand for individual policies on the secondary market.