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Life Insurance Settlement

from Amrita Financial

Life insurance settlements are a profitable way for people to sell their unwanted life insurance policies to third parties. Unfortunately, the level of information provided from one life settlement broker to the next isn't always consistent. That means that sometimes policy owners aren't getting the information they need to make the most well informed decision. At Amrita Financial we pride ourselves on our unsurpassed customer service and expertise that have helped to make us one of the leading life insurance settlement companies in the United States.

With Amrita Financial, seniors are empowered with access to a number of financial institutions that compete for their policy. The more potential bidders the better, as this usually equates to a higher life insurance settlement offer in the end.

Life Insurance Settlements - What Do Policy Sellers Do?

  1. Obtain an Appraisal: We make obtaining an appraisal for your life insurance settlements a fast and easy process. Just use our instant online life settlement appraisal tool which estimates how much a financial institution is willing to pay you for your life insurance policy. Our online calculator also provides the number of potential financial institutions that are currently buying policies just like yours, which means you know how many buyers are in the market before you sell! We tell you what you need to know up front and offer full transparency. This gives you the opportunity to fully evaluate your life insurance settlement options before you move forward.
  2. Register: Once you have received your appraisal, simply register with Amrita Financial online and begin collecting bids for your policy. It doesn’t cost you anything, but you do have to register before you will be able to collect actual bids for your life insurance policy.
  3. View Your Offers: As a valued Amrita customer you have instant, anytime access to competing bids from up to three separate blind bidding rounds (potential buyers can’t see what other buyers bid to enable you to receive the best offers)
  4. Accept or Decline Offers: You can check the status of your life insurance settlement and accept or reject bids online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With Amrita Financial, there is never any cost or obligation to you. You may choose to reject all offers at any time, for any reason. Once you accept an offer, the escrow process begins and your policy is transferred to the buyer of your choice, who then pays you the agreed upon life settlement amount. It's just that easy.

Don't pay premiums on an unwanted, expensive life insurance policy for another minute – contact us today to learn more about the smart life insurance settlement option: Amrita Financial.