Medicaid Life Settlement

A Medicaid Life Settlement converts your existing life insurance into an immediate plan to pay for the cost of assisted living care directly each month. Qualifying is quick, and there are no fees or obligations to have your life insurance policy valued and apply. If accepted, you choose the type of assisted living care that is best for you: Assisted Living, specialized Alzheimer’s Care and Skilled Nursing Home Care all qualify.

A Medicaid Life Settlement keeps you in control of the level of care you or your loved one receives. Do not sell valuable assets and drop your life insurance policy to qualify for Medicaid until you see if you qualify for a long term care conversion.

A Medicaid Life Settlement is deemed a qualified Medicaid spend down of the life insurance policy. After years and years of paying premiums, too many people simply cancel their life insurance, allow their policy to lapse or surrender it for any remaining cash value.

Please do not make the mistake of abandoning your life insurance policy if it could be converted to pay for the costs of long term care and funeral expenses.

Medicaid Life Settlement:

· Simple, no-cost application and review process

· Quick approval and funding (no wait periods)

· No age minimum

· No premium payments

· Most types of in-force life insurance qualify

· Monthly payments are made directly to the care provider of your choice

· Provides funeral expense benefit