First Life Settlement Patient Consumer Education Video produced by Amrita Financial

I had the honor to work Robin on her case that I believe will have a tremendous impact on the life settlement community. Consumer Education is not where it needs to be. We made this video to inform and educate consumers and advisors that an additional exit strategy exist for life insurance owners. As part of that process we formally released the video and announced it with a press release. A copy of the press release is below.

ORLANDO, FL (May 28, 2013) - First Life Settlement Patient Consumer Education Video produced by Amrita Financial

During a 2010 Congressional Hearing on Life Settlements no invitees could produce one consumer who has completed a transaction to speak about the benefits of Life Settlements.

Amrita Financial produced a groundbreaking video telling Robin’s story to help educate consumers and financial professional about options policy owners have when exiting a life insurance policy.

Robin was a successful business owner who operated a computer consulting firm. She started to notice that something was wrong medically and went in for a checkup. During the visit, and subsequent testing, it was determined that she had a terminal breast cancer condition and was given a short time to live. Coincident with the tragic news of her medical condition, she also was going through an extremely difficult personal situation by way of a divorce.

She was not only concerned about the personal impact of the divorce and health issues upon her family, but the treatment for her cancer was devastating. It affected her ability to work and financially support herself and her two boys. Robin reviewed all of the options she had to produce income. Her financial advisor recommending seeing if her life insurance policy could be sold in the life settlements market.

She called Paul Bowen, a life settlement broker with Amrita Financial. Inc., who discussed the available options for selling her life insurance policy. Robin sold her policy to an institutional buyer, obtaining the financial means necessary to provide for her medical care and financial stability for her family. According to a United States Government Accounting Office report, the average life settlement pay 8 times more than the cash surrender payout offered by insurance companies (source GAO- Report to the Special Committee on Aging, U.S. Senate July 2010). If you’d like to hear her story in her own words, go to and click on the link to Robin’s story.

About Amrita Financial:

Amrita Financial is a leader in using technology to serve life settlement Industry. Amrita Financial provides consumers and financial advisors with a direct conduit to the financial institutions that buy life insurance policies on the secondary market. Amrita Financial was established in 2008 to offer an alternative to using a traditional life settlement broker and deliver better value to those that want to sell their life insurance policies in a life settlement.



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