Life Settlement Companies

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At Amrita Financial we bring our years of experience as a life settlement company to work for you, providing you with the tools, resources and information that you need to obtain the highest life settlement amount possible. We understand that the decision to sell your life insurance policy and obtain a life settlement is a major financial decision. We specialize in empowering people just like you to navigate the life settlement process everyday. Unlike other life settlement companies, we go above and beyond with the following life settlement options:

Policy Appraisal Web Tools

With Amrita Financial seniors are empowered with the information necessary to make the best financial decision, which isn't always available when using a life settlement broker. Our online life settlement appraisal tool estimates how much a financial institution is willing to pay you for your life insurance policy – before you start the life settlement process. This allows you to gauge bids and make the most informed decision possible.

In addition, our online calculator provides the number of potential financial institutions that are currently buying policies just like yours, so you know how many buyers are in the market before you sell.

Blind Bidding from Multiple Buyers

With blind bidding from multiple buyers our clients feel they get “bigger, better and easier life settlements” than others. Our life settlement company offers access to a number of financial institutions that compete for your policy because more potential bidders generally equates to a higher life settlement offer in the end. Other life settlement companies may provide more than one offer, but with Amrita Financial, up to three rounds of blind bidding are available. Blind bidding means potential buyers can’t see what other buyers offered thereby giving you their best offers, not just enough to barely beat the next bidder.

Online Access

Amrita Financial is one of the only life settlement companies to offer online access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you log in to your Amrita life insurance settlement portal you can:

  • View existing settlement bids
  • Accept and reject bids
  • Check the status on an accepted offer

Full Disclosure, Full Transparency

We believe the policy holder has their own best interests in mind (more than many life settlement companies would have), and will always select the best life settlement offer if given the opportunity. Therefore we open up the process and let consumers see all relevant information, empowering them to make the best financial decision. At Amrita Financial seniors can sell with confidence knowing that they have full disclosure and full transparency.

With a life settlement company like Amrita on your side, you can expect to receive more money and retain full control over who purchases your policy.

Contact Amrita Financial today to speak with one of our life settlement company representatives and to receive a free, no obligation appraisal.