State of the Union- Life Settlements

State of the Union – Life Settlements
The life settlement market is constantly changing. The lack of overall capital in the market this past year has left many agents and policyholders wondering if the market will survive, but the actual state of the market is much better than what is perceived. There are a number of funding sources in the market currently hungry for policies to purchase. There is a lack of purchasable policies available and the policies that are available are getting very good offers compared to the recent past history.
Policies garnering the greatest interest are between $1 million and $3 million of face amount. There are several buyers making high offers on these policies. We have seen some of these policies trade at the lowest IRR expectations in years. Another group of policies receiving high offers are policies with reasonably high cash surrender values. Even policies greater than $3 million in face are receiving multiple offers in the market.
While the LE underwriters have extended life expectancy estimates, older ages usually present an opportunity to investigate the possibility of a policy sale. Any person over the age of 75 with face amounts over $250,000 would be a good candidate for a settlement transaction. Also, individuals that have two or more health impairments such as heart disease or diabetes could qualify.
If there was ever a time to seriously consider selling a policy, now is that time. Contact our office at (888) 539-8885 or visit us online at Our website has additional information and provides the opportunity for you to submit a policy for consideration. Our funders are actively looking for policies to purchase and we look forward to hearing from you today.