• A viatical settlement involves the sale of an insurance policy for a percentage of its total value. Typically, terminally ill persons and senior citizens elect for this type of settlement, since it offers them the opportunity to receive more money for their life insurance policies than they would otherwise receive from surrendering their policy to the insurance company from which it was issued.
  • Viaticals are a relatively old option for policyholders who find themselves paying expensive premiums on an unwanted life insurance policy, and are searching for a way to obtain quick funding to pay medical and other expenses. While old, the viatical life settlement industry is also a rapidly expanding one.
  • Depending on the life expectancy and health of the policy holder, persons who opt for the viatical life settlement option can expect to receive anywhere from 60-80% of the total value of their policy
  • Obtaining your viatical life settlement from Amrita Financial gives you many advantages over policy holders who choose to sell their policies via online auction sites or through traditional brokers. We put our experience and expertise to work for you, giving you anytime online access to your account where you can easily check the status of the amount of bids your policy has received, make decisions about whether to accept or reject offers, and begin the sales and escrow process whenever you are ready.

Filling out our free, no obligation appraisal form takes just minutes, and can help you to determine whether or not a viatical settlement is right for you. A viatical settlement can provide policy holders just like you with many benefits and options. Contact us today to speak with a qualified Amrita Financial representative to learn more.