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Amrita Financial and Finance Logix Partner to Deliver Life Settlement Capabilities to Financial Planners

Oceanside, CA – Amrita Financial, a leading life settlement company, and Finance Logix announced they’ve partnered in a first-of-its-kind strategic partnership aimed at improving the efficiency, transparency and value in life settlement transactions.


Amrita Life Settlement Index Points to Decline in Industry

The Amrita Life Settlement Index results were announced today revealing a 73 point drop in February from January 2010 levels. The weaker than expected demand for life insurance policies on the secondary market resulted in the 13.9% decline from 528 points to 455 points on the index.


Amrita Financial Launches New Life Settlement Index

New Life Settlement Index Tracks Buying Activity

Oceanside, CA – Amrita Financial has released the inaugural results of the Amrita Life Settlement Index showing a continued, but modest recovery in the life settlement industry. Data from January life settlement market activity represented a 28 point increase to 528, indicating a slight increase in demand for life insurance policies on the secondary market. The index’s strengthening was mainly based upon an improvement in life settlement origination activity and an increasingly optimistic buying outlook going forward.


Life Settlement Brokers Become Obsolete With New Website

Oceanside, CA 6/27/09

The Life settlement industry, while relatively new, hasn’t benefited from technological advances as much as other segments of the financial services sector. A life settlement occurs when someone sells their existing life insurance policy for an immediate lump sum payment. Life settlement brokers, the middle men in the process, work on behalf of consumers to negotiate the highest offer for their insurance policy from buyers such as investment banks, hedge funds, investment funds and other financial institutions. This traditional bricks and mortar, labor intensive approach contributes to the highest transactional cost of any asset class. Consumers often end up selling similar policies for far different prices as the knowledge and size of buyer networks varies greatly among life settlement brokers.

To address the inefficiencies of this $15 billion market and disparity among brokers, Amrita Financial just unveiled a new web based, do it yourself life settlement tool. The new electronic marketplace platform at provides consumers with a direct conduit to the financial institutions that buy life insurance policies and enables them to autonomously complete a life settlement without using a broker.