Settlewerx - Life Settlement Software

Settlewerx is recognized as a best in class life settlement software solution. It is designed to quickly appraise life settlement values of in force policies and manage case work flow from start to finish. Settlewerx leverages cutting edge algorithmic valuation capabilities to uncover hidden value in policies, while offering users the flexibility of on demand appraisals. In addition, Settlewerx moves life settlement brokerage to as close to Straight Through Processing (STP) as is currently possible in today's life settlement environment. Its work flow / case management and internationally recognized electronic transactional platform increase efficiency, while reducing sales cycles and administrative touches for life settlement transactions by relying on several programmatically driven features. The fully automated and integrated system keeps can be configured to clients abreast of their case workflow with minimal effort.

Life Settlement Software – Real Time Access

Agents, producers, BGA's, advisors and others working with Amrita Financial, as their chosen life settlement broker, use Settlewerx to submit and track life settlement cases in real time. Settlewerx empowers them with full transparency by providing 24 hours access to cases. In addition, users of select partner platforms, such as insurance and financial planning software, can also access Settlewerx for life settlement policy submissions and case tracking.

Flexible Life Settlement Software Solutions

For BGA's, life settlement brokers and others that are actively transacting life settlements under their own licenses, Settlewerx offers a robust case management and bid management platform. This SaaS (software as a service) option empowers users with a cost effective, web based application available anywhere there is an internet connection. The data is safely stored at state of the art data centers, while being fully secure using the latest encryption technology.

White Label Life Settlement Software

Settlewerx is also available as a white label solution for large clients or through select strategic partners integrations. This best in class life settlement software can be easily integrated and deployed into 3rd party platforms or white labeled as a stand alone application.

Settlewerx allows users of all sizes and volumes to reduce overheard and expedite the sales cycle, while focusing on the most important goal of maximizing policy values. Settlewerx is fundamentally designed to increase the profitability of users by allowing for less administrative work and maximizing policy values through blind iterative bidding.

Life Settlement Software Features

  • Algorithmic policy valuations
  • Cutting edge work flow / case management features
  • Automated illustration, medical record and LE requests
  • Best in class bidding platform
  • Automated compliance library with required state documents
  • Secure data storage and transmission to privilege based users
  • Web based with 24 hour access and tracking
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Integrated email status and case status system