Media Coverage

"How to avoid [being ripped off in a life settlement]: Remove the middle man. Amrita Financial, in Oceanside, Calif., lets sellers post their policies anonymously online, to get a sense of what buyers are willing to bid. A policy appraisal takes less than a minute to obtain" -

Christian Evulich, vice president of business development at Amrita Financial Inc., offers expert opinion on life settlement market conditions. - Investment News

National Underwriter magazine, “the most trusted name in insurance news”, featured an Amrita Financial executive in an “Ask the Expert” column about life settlements. - National Underwriter

Amrita Financial, a life settlement company, and Finance Logix have signed an agreement to enhance the efficiency, transparency and value in life settlement transactions. - Insurance Business Review

"Life settlements are often reported to pay policy owners 200 percent to 500 percent more than surrendering the unwanted policy back to the insurance company. Amrita Financial, a startup itself, is launching a Web-based, do-it-yourself life settlement tool, in part to take advantage of the new interest" - E-Commerce Times