Life Settlement Minimum Qualifications

The life settlement providers (policy buyers) we work with have set some general minimum qualifications for the policies they will consider. Although, meeting these criteria is not a guarantee that a policy can be sold, these will only determine if a life settlement provider (buyer) will consider a policy for purchase in a life settlement. For an instant life insurance policy appraisal please use our life settlement calculator. The minimum life settlement qualifications are:

  1. Minimum age of insured: 65 years old for healthy insureds or any age for terminally ill insureds
  2. Minimum policy size: $100,000
  3. Life insurance policy must be beyond contestability period
  4. Policy types: Universal Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, First to Die (Joint Life Insurance), Second to Die (Survivorship), Key Man, Convertible Term Policies & variable policies***
  5. Insurance carrier rating: USA based carrier with B+ or better rating from S&P (or comparable)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are unsure if you qualify for a life settlement.

***Amrita Financial currently does not facilitate variable life insurance policy life settlement transactions