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Secondary Market Life Insurance

What Is The Life Insurance Secondary Market?

The secondary market for life insurance is designed to provide you, the policy holder with greater options than those that have been traditionally available. Your life insurance policy is an asset, just like your house or your car, and just like with your house or car, you have the right to sell your policy to whomever you choose in order to obtain the funds that you need. With Amrita Financial, your secondary market for life insurance policies options expand even further, allowing you to choose from competing bids on your policy from various third party financial institutions.

What Are Some Advantages Of Selling My Life Insurance Policy Through Amrita Financial?

When you choose Amrita Financial for your secondary market life insurance needs you can:

  • Receive more money for your policy than the typical amount for policy surrender to your insurance company
  • Avoid paying expensive premiums on an unwanted insurance policy
  • Retain control over who buys your policy and for how much, as opposed to allowing a third party online auction site or broker to make these decisions for you
  • Access the number of bids on your policy and accept or reject offers- anytime, online
  • receive a life sales settlement commission-just for for selling your policy through Amrita Financial.

How Can I Learn More About The Life Insurance Secondary Market And How I Can Benefit From It?

If you haven't done so already, visit our online appraisal page to answer a few simple questions and receive a free, no obligation appraisal of the worth of your policy. This will help you to determine whether or not selling your life insurance policy through the life insurance secondary market to obtain a life settlement is the best option for you. Next, contact us to speak directly with an experienced financial representative who will be able to help you start the process of accepting offers on your policy from various third party financial institutions.

Don't pay another month of expensive premiums—contact us today to discover your life insurance secondary market options.