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Medicaid Life Settlement

A Medicaid Life Settlement converts your existing life insurance into an immediate plan to pay for the cost of assisted living care directly each month. Qualifying is quick, and there are no fees or obligations to have your life insurance policy valued and apply. If accepted, you choose the type of assisted living care that is best for you: Assisted Living, specialized Alzheimer’s Care and Skilled Nursing Home Care all qualify.

State of the Union- Life Settlements

State of the Union – Life Settlements
The life settlement market is constantly changing. The lack of overall capital in the market this past year has left many agents and policyholders wondering if the market will survive, but the actual state of the market is much better than what is perceived. There are a number of funding sources in the market currently hungry for policies to purchase. There is a lack of purchasable policies available and the policies that are available are getting very good offers compared to the recent past history.

Recent Updates in Life Settlement Market

As life settlement brokers, with our fingers on the pulse of the life settlement market, we are constantly asked what trends we seeing happening. Is the market getting stronger? Are offers getting better? Is it a good time to sell a life insurance policy on the secondary market. This is a brief update on some of the trends we are seeing out in the marketplace.

Are LE's The Biggest Life Settlement Obstacle?

Someone at life settlement provider recently told me that he felt LE's (life expectancies) are the biggest challenge in the life settlement market right now. After some serious consideration, I have to agree with him. At the end of the day, insured LE's have to be accurately assessed in order for investors to have confidence in their investment and continue to put capital into the market. If the confidence isn't there and investors direct capital elsewhere, the life settlement industry will be finished.

Life Settlements in 2011 - Top 10 Predictions

As 2010 draws to a close and the dawn of a new year beckons, those in the life settlement industry look forward with renewed optimism. By most accounts, the life settlement industry's bottom is behind it and the secondary life insurance market is now in the process of recovering. How much and how fast is still to be determined. However, below are the Top 10 Predictions For Life Settlements in 2011.

Top Life Settlement Headlines of 2010

The life settlement world has seen an interesting 2010. As it comes to a close, some of this year’s events can be viewed not only as a barometer of the industry throughout the year, but also as a significant indicators of its future. Below are the ten biggest life settlement stories of 2010, in no particular order.