Amrita Life Settlement Index Points to Decline in Industry

The Amrita Life Settlement Index results were announced today revealing a 73 point drop in February from January 2010 levels. The weaker than expected demand for life insurance policies on the secondary market resulted in the 13.9% decline from 528 points to 455 points on the index.

The weakness was predominantly based on the persistent imbalance of available policies relative to the active buyers in the life settlement market. Traditional sources of policy origination such as life settlement brokers, consumers and other intermediaries continue to feed supply into a market exhibiting constrained demand. The February index results reflect some marginal tightening of buying appetites while life settlement provider buying parameters remain conservative overall
The Amrita Life Settlement Index is designed to measure life settlement industry demand, which is expressed through life settlement provider activities and attitudes. Life settlement providers licensed in the United States are surveyed about their opinions and observations for current and future market conditions each month. Their responses are then aggregated and averaged to generate each month’s Amrita Life Settlement Index results.

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