Amrita Financial Launches New Life Settlement Index

New Life Settlement Index Tracks Buying Activity

Oceanside, CA – Amrita Financial has released the inaugural results of the Amrita Life Settlement Index showing a continued, but modest recovery in the life settlement industry. Data from January life settlement market activity represented a 28 point increase to 528, indicating a slight increase in demand for life insurance policies on the secondary market. The index’s strengthening was mainly based upon an improvement in life settlement origination activity and an increasingly optimistic buying outlook going forward.

Life settlement brokers and providers operate within a patchwork of state regulatory and statutory reporting requirements. Consequently, reliable data on life settlements, industry size and trends has historically been difficult to access. With the entrance of new marketplace participants and many more poised to enter the life settlement industry, the need for market data has never been stronger. Amrita Financial developed the Amrita Life Settlement Index (ALSI) to track the burgeoning life settlement market’s demand. With the inception of the Amrita Life Settlement Index, the life settlement industry now has a reliable metric to gauge current market activity and the industry’s overall appetite for individual policies.

The Amrita Life Settlement Index is designed to measure life settlement industry demand, which is defined as the degree of buying activity expressed through life settlement provider activities and attitudes. The Index is based upon the aggregated and averaged responses to the Amrita Life Settlement Provider Survey. Life settlement providers licensed in the United States are surveyed about opinions and observations for current and future market conditions each month.

The surveys are presented electronically to participants and enable respondents to answer with complete anonymity. 85.71% of the survey represents attitudes of current life settlement market conditions, while expectations of future buying demand comprise the remaining 14.29%. This life settlement index is benchmarked to Dec. 2009 activity equaling 500. Much like other economic indices, the ALSI is a relative comparison that illustrates trends from one month to another.

The sentiments of licensed life settlement providers illustrate the overall demand for individual life insurance policies on the secondary market. Therefore, increased buyer demand and activity indicate more capital entering the life settlement market. While decreasing life settlement provider activity and confidence imply a slowing or contraction in the overall life settlement market demand. Hence, overall aggregated positive responses to the survey and increased buyer sentiment are expressed as gains in the ALSI index, while weakening life settlement provider sentiment appear as a decline in the index.
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About Amrita Financial:

Amrita Financial is a web based life settlement service that provides consumers and financial advisors with a direct conduit to the financial institutions that buy life insurance policies on the secondary market. Amrita Financial was established in 2008 to offer an alternative to using a life settlement broker, and deliver better value to those that want to sell their life insurance policies in a life settlement.