Senior Life Settlement


Many seniors are finding that a senior life settlement offers them the opportunity to sell their unwanted life insurance policies for more money than they would be able to receive by surrendering the policy to their insurance company. Senior life settlements, also known as life settlements through Amrita Financial put the policy holder in direct control of who they sell their policy to and how much money they receive for it instead of relying on insurance brokers or policy auction sites.

Life settlements are commonly called senior settlements because a high percentage of the people who sell their life insurance policies are senior citizens. When faced with high medical bills and other mounting expenses, particularly while on a fixed income, continuing to make premium payments on an insurance policy that is no longer needed or wanted simply does not make smart financial sense.

Amrita Financial Can Help

A senior settlement can be the answer to your financial difficulties, and at Amrita Financial, we give all of our valued customers full access to our online tools and resources, as well as the ability to access the bid status on your policy, accept or reject offers, and start the sales escrow process, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that seniors today are faced with many important decisions to make in regards to finances, and we know that the decision to sell a life insurance policy can have an enormous impact on your financial future. That's why we are here to help you. We are more than just insurance brokers, we are an experienced senior settlement company offering the tools, knowledge, and expert advice that you need to help make a sound senior settlement decision.

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