Bringing Life Settlements To Finance Logix

Early last week we announced that Amrita Financial had entered into a strategic partnership with Finance Logix. There has been a great "buzz" around here ever since the partnership began to develop legs. Now that we have made the formal announcement we are busily working to implement the partnership.

From our perspective a strategic partnership with Finance Logix makes a lot of sense and creates a win-win-win situtation. Most importantly, it is a win for financial advisors and their clients. We are going to provide our life insurance and life settlement analytical tools to the financial planners using Finance Logix software. In essence we provide life settlement valuations to life insurance policies for advisors, where before they only had access to the cash surrender values of policies. This gives planners and their clients a more complete understanding about overall asset values and allows them to make the most well informed decisions.

Of course, our electronic life settlement tranasactional platform is available for planners and clients that feel they want to request actual life settlement offers.

We couldn't be happier about partnering with Finance Logix. Thus far we've been impressed by their innovation, expertise and all around commitment to excellence. In addition, I can personally say I've been impressed with their people. Truly a class organization which is no doubt part of what makes them so good at what they do.

By bringing more information and transparency to the life settlement process, we are optimistic that working with Finance Logix will change the life settlement landscape for the better. Financial advisors and their clients will no longer be in the dark about the true value of a life insurance asset or what is happening to a policy while being sold as a life settlement.


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