Working With Amrita Financial

Amrita Financial specializes in providing back office life settlement brokerage services to insurance professionals and other client advisors. They benefit from Amrita Financial's proprietary software that makes submitting a life insurance policy the easiest in the industry. Our streamlined process allows you to submit a client policy for life settlement consideration in just seconds. After that, Amrita Financial invests the time, money and resources to ensure the policy value is maximized with the best possible buyers. We offer the best of both worlds, with cutting edge technology and expert life settlement brokers managing cases every step of the way. Our staff is dedicated to providing the industry's best customer service and ensuring all information is transparent to you every step of the way. The Process for working with Amrita Financial is:

  1. Appraise: Use our online life settlement appraisal tool to get an instant estimate of your client's life insurance policy value as a life settlement and potential demand from buyers.

  2. Create an account: Register online to set up an Amrita Financial account. It take less than 60 seconds to do and will enable you to track a case from start to finish using our web based system.

  3. Submit Case: Life insurance policies can be submitted using an easy one page, online form. Alternatively you can submit a case over the phone. We just need some basic policy and insured information.

  4. Release forms: After a policy is listed, the insured and policy owner must sign and return release forms and state specific disclosures acknowledgments. These forms are provided to the advisor via email and also as a direct download from the advisor dashboard in the Amrita Financial website.

  5. Documentation and Medical Underwriting: Amrita Financial incurs the expense of retrieving all necessary medical and insurance documentation needed to build a strong life settlement case. Our software programmatically transmits this data to industry leading medical underwriters for review. Their analysis is used by potential buyers to evaluate and price a policy.

  6. Review offers: Institutional buyers use Amrita Financial's proprietary electronic transactional platform to evaluate and make offers for life insurance policies. Their bids are presented to the advisor in real time, along with any applicable advisor comp.. The system uses blind, iterative bidding to drive up offer prices and maximize policies values. Advisors have 24 hour a day access to the web based system.

  7. Closing & Escrow: Upon acceptance of an offer, Amrita Financial prepares closing documents, obtains required additional documentation and begins an escrow process. The life settlement proceeds are usually made available to the client within 72 hours of the policy being transferred to the buyer.