Life Settlement Index Recap - February 2012 Data

The February 2012, Amrita Life Settlement Index results were reported on Tuesday March 6th, 2012 at 10:00 AM EST. The February results inched up 54.3 points or 5.7% to 1005.3. The index continues its range-bound trend over the last 6 months with only a modest increase compared with last month's results.

The index’s slight rise in Feburary was, in part, based on a constrained supply of life insurance policies coming onto the secondary insurance market. Most life settlement providers reported a decrease in the number of cases they received for purchase evaluation. While the number of offers made to purchase life insurance policies as life settlements increased according to survey respondents. The number of cases closed was relatively flat, with a majority of providers reporting little change from the previous month.

Buyers' target internal rates of return and buying parameters remained relatively flat compared with the previous month. In addition, forward looking sentiment held steady with no drastic changes in life settlement demand forecasted by buyers overall.