Amrita Life Settlement Index Sponsors

The Amrita Life Settlement Index (ALSI) is proudly sponsored by Amrita Financial, the leader in life settlements. Amrita Financial operates a unique electronic life settlement platform empowering consumers, financial planners, insurance agents and other trusted advisors with a direct conduit to life settlement providers. This direct to consumer model enables life insurance policy sellers to participate in life settlements without having to use a traditional, bricks and mortar life settlement broker.

Amrita Financial developed the ALSI to track the life settlement market activity and overall industry demand. Amrita Financial strives to better equip policy sellers and other market participants with technological tools that increase life settlement transactional efficiency, reduce cost, improve transparency and level the playing field for all market participants. The Amrita Life Settlement Index is just one of many ways Amrita Financial is leveraging technology to advance the life settlement industry and empower market participants with improved informational resources.