Life Settlement Index Recap - March 2011 Data

The March 2011, Amrita Life Settlement Index results were reported on Tuesday April 5th at 10:00 AM EST. The results showed a strong rebound from the previous month with a 11.5% increase. The 87.8 point climb to 851.6 was based on responses indicative of growing life settlement demand across all survey categories.

A majority of respondents observed a decline in the number of life settlement cases received. Concurrently a robust majority of providers reported level or increasing number of offers made for life insurance policies on the secondary market. While the number of closed cases remained flat overall.

The decrease in available policy supply and increase in demand drove some changes to buying strategies. For example, buying parameters or Internal Rates of Return, pointed to a more aggressive buying approach from numerous buyers. This strategic change in buying illustrates an increase in the investor appetite for life insurance policies. Forward looking sentiment from life settlement providers suggests strengthening demand in the near term as well.