Life Settlement Index Recap - Jan 2011 Data

The January 2011, Amrita Life Settlement Index results were reported on Tuesday February 1st at 10:00 AM EST. The results showed the new year starting off with a continued climb in life settlement demand over December 2010. The index posted a decisive gain of 11% from the previous month's 760.8 point level. The 83.4 point increase to 844.1 points again marked another record high for the one year old index.

While the number of cases received by life settlement providers rose sharply in January, the number of offers made also rose dramatically. This may indicate a move towards a more healthy equilibrium between supply and demand. Whereas in 2010, an increase in life insurance policies available for purchase was not always commensurate with increased offers. In addition, respondents reported a sharp increase in cases closed during the first month of 2011.

Indications are that the life settlement market appears to be bullish in the near and medium term. Buying parameters and forward looking sentiment were indicative of increasing appetites for life insurance policies on the secondary market.