You Want My E-mail Address & Phone Number? Not on Your Life!

Extreme Measures

How many of you have had to abandon use of an e-mail account, because your e-mail address fell into the wrong hands? It starts out innocently enough, "Fill out this form and we'll send you the info you need." Next thing you know, you're address has been sold to God knows how many "3rd parties", and you're being bombarded with solicitations for all manner of crapola. One source sites spam/junk e-mail constituting 78% of all e-mail sent.

Life Settlement Policy Appraisals from Other Websites Can Be Little More Than Thinly Veiled Lead Generators

I know of one life settlement company whose entire business model is built around such a form. They collect the details about your life insurance policy, and more importantly your e-mail address and phone number. They sell that information to life settlement brokers, who then contact you to pitch their services.

Just last week, I took a call from a lady wanting a life settlement appraisal. I explained to her that we have a free tool on our website that does just that. She said, "You're not going to take my e-mail address are you?".

At Amrita Financial Privacy Is an Utmost Concern

Our appraisal tool is provided solely as a service to the people visiting our site. We don't collect any personally identifiable information, and the response is instantaneous. Furthermore, the data that we do collect to run the calculation is immediately discarded. You can rest assured that no one will contact you based on what you entered in our appraisal form.

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