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Life Settlement Valuation 101 - Part 1

Do I have an attractive policy?

I'm going to start a series of posts to give people an idea about how attractive their life insurance policy would be in a life settlement transaction. If you aren't interested in all the gory details, you can cut to the chase and go straight to our life settlement appraisal tool. It's free, anonymous, and you get a response instantly.

Let's start out with the things that have the biggest affect on valuation.

You Want My E-mail Address & Phone Number? Not on Your Life!

Extreme Measures

How many of you have had to abandon use of an e-mail account, because your e-mail address fell into the wrong hands? It starts out innocently enough, "Fill out this form and we'll send you the info you need." Next thing you know, you're address has been sold to God knows how many "3rd parties", and you're being bombarded with solicitations for all manner of crapola. One source sites spam/junk e-mail constituting 78% of all e-mail sent.

Lifting the Veil on Life Settlements

At Amrita Financial, we strive to lift the veil on the life settlement process. Here, we empower the seller during a life settlement in unprecedented ways:

  1. Every bid, over three rounds of bidding, is shown to the seller.
  2. No preferential treatment is given to any of the bidders, as the seller selects the winning bid.
  3. We share a portion, up to 50%, of the commission, paid by the policy buyer, with the seller.
  4. Last but not least, we offer life settlement appraisal tools, so that the seller knows what to expect going into the life settlement process.