Lifting the Veil on Life Settlements

At Amrita Financial, we strive to lift the veil on the life settlement process. Here, we empower the seller during a life settlement in unprecedented ways:

  1. Every bid, over three rounds of bidding, is shown to the seller.
  2. No preferential treatment is given to any of the bidders, as the seller selects the winning bid.
  3. We share a portion, up to 50%, of the commission, paid by the policy buyer, with the seller.
  4. Last but not least, we offer life settlement appraisal tools, so that the seller knows what to expect going into the life settlement process.

It is the latter that I want to focus on today. Consider this: What if you wanted to sell your house and you had no way of knowing what that house is worth, or even what the house down the street sold for? You would be in no position to accept a fair offer. Let's take it one step further: What if you didn't know how many offers were made when you sold your house? Now there's a real recipe for fraud. That is exactly how many people must feel when selling their life insurance policy through a traditional "brick and mortar" life settlement broker. Amrita Financial's first step in lifting the veil on the life settlement process is with its appraisal tool.

Our appraisal tool is free to use and can be accessed anonymously. Best of all, you get a response immediately. I have seen other life settlement brokers offering free appraisals, but you are required to enter personal information, including your e-mail address, and you have to wait for the response to be e-mailed back to you. It's a manual process that could take days.

Amrita Financial doesn't just give you a dollar value for your life insurance policy, we also list the number of potential bidders who would participate in your life settlement. Consumers can rest assured that Amrita Financial will maximize the number of offers they receive.

Finally, our appraisal tool returns the expected commission refund. Life settlement brokers receive a commission from the buyer when a life insurance policy is sold. At Amrita Financial, we share up to 50% of our life settlement commission with the seller. The total payment received upon completion of your life settlement will be the winning bid amount plus the commission refund.

An informed consumer is an empowered consumer. At Amrita Financial we include the seller in every step of the life settlement process and it starts with an open and honest life settlement appraisal of their life insurance policy.

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